About Lori McGruder

About Lori McGruder

I can give you a safe place to talk about your thoughts and feelings, including the fears that just cannot be discussed in the workplace. I can teach you how to recognize and challenge the negative thinking that is impacting your mood. You will learn how to turn these unhelpful thoughts into ones that are empowering and calming. Can you imagine being able to communicate with your loved ones, colleagues and even clients in a meaningful, assertive way? I can teach you how to do this! Your relationships will improve.

Do you often feel like you're not good enough? Tell yourself you are a bad person? Or maybe something horrific has happened in your past that you just can't let go of? Using EMDR, I help adults who have negative beliefs and traumatic memories become free of these so they can live their most beautiful life.

Do you feel like a ticking bomb? As if one more responsibility or negative outcome will push you over the edge? Counseling with me will teach you how to keep things in perspective. You might be worried that you will have to bare your soul and THIS could be the event that does you in. I won't lie to you; some people do choose to fully open up. It doesn't break them, though; quite the opposite happens, actually. They find it to be a release for all of the negativity that has been holding them hostage. You get to choose how much you share.

My Background

  • Certified Clinical Telemental Health Provider
  • Board Certified National Counselor
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida
  • Received Masters and Specialists Degrees in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Florida (GO GATORS!)
  • Received Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Michigan State University
  • Worked in a variety of settings, including maximum security prisons and a university affiliated substance use disorder treatment center
  • Treated a variety of clients, including convicted felons and impaired physicians
  • Experienced in reporting to PRN/IPN/LAP
  • Live in Gainesville, FL
  • Have a teenage daughter and a little rescue dog

I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Informed Therapies and Solution Focused Therapy. I am also an EMDRIA approved therapist.

For fun, I enjoy trips to the beach with my daughter and reading.